Salaison Levesque - Jambon naturellement fumé au bois d'érable


Jambon naturellement fumé au bois d'érable




A tradition of
excellence for more
than 40 years

Levesque was founded in 1966 and quickly made a name for itself through the originality and quality of its products.

Our company is recognized for the processing and marketing of quality ham products. We also owe our commercial success to the excellence of our staff and their determination to provide top customer service.

Hams produced by Levesque are found today in the meat departments of Canada’s major supermarket groups as well as in the United States and South America.

SandwichA commitment to quality

All Levesque products meet the highest quality standards.

The company has earned HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification, ensuring that all key steps in the production process, from receiving raw ingredients to shipping finished products, meet the control and quality standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection
Agency (CFIA).

The rigour of our control systems and our production standards enable us to guarantee the unvarying quality of
our products.

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