Salaison Levesque - Jambon naturellement fumé au bois d'érable


Jambon naturellement fumé au bois d'érable



SandwichOur products are smoked naturally with maple wood using a traditional method that gives them a distinctive and delicious taste. Moreover, our production process complies with the strictest standards to ensure freshness and quality at all times.
All our products are gluten free and low in fat.

A new range of antibiotic free ham products is available.

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Private brands and food services

Levesque specializes in supplying quality private brand products to large retail or restaurant groups, among its other services.

Our expertise and facilities give us the flexibility needed to supply exclusive products in large quantities based on our customers’ needs and specifications.

This logo indicates that the main ingredients used in the preparation of our products come from Quebec and that all processing and packaging is done in Quebec.
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